Blockverseminar – Digital Commons and Participation

After two months of work, we are opening our research seminar “digital commons and participation” to new students. There will be two blocks on the following dates:

  • 1. BLOCK: 23. June 2017 10 – 16 GABF 04/611
  • 2. BLOCK: 7. July 2017 10 – 16 GABF 04/611

1. Block (23.06.2017)
The first block will serve as an introduction to the concept of “Digital Commons”. The students currently participating in the seminar will hold presentations with a focus on different aspects of digital commoning such as 1) information and knowledge sharing through open access platforms, 2) fan culture, data extraction and data sovereignty on the example of film industry 3) legal regulation of cultural production through the Kulturfördergesetz NRW and 4) Commons and the University. Newcomers will be able to get a general input and discuss the introductory concepts.

2. Block (7.07.2017)
The spotlight of the second block lies on the new participants. Based on selected literature, small presentations will be held about aspects of participation in digital commons. Do digital commons enable new ways of politics and new ways of socialization? If so, how do they reshape the overloaded concept of participation? Some theorists argue that the subject of participation in digital commons is the connected multitude. We will explore the potentialities of this intersection in order to prepare for the MedienlDenken Keynote by Guiomar Rovira on the 25. July “Connected Multitudes: Jetztzeit in the On Life revolts”.

Evaluation (Teilnahmeschein):
– Attendance to the blocks
– Essay on a presentation of the first block
– Small presentation in the second block
– Attendance to MedienlDenken on Tuesday, 25. July 2017 (6pm GABF04/611)

Course materials:
The course materials are available through blackboard
Sign up is open through eCampus with the code 051 732

Full seminar description

Christian Heinke