B.A. Media Studies

The bachelor of arts in media studies teaches scientific and complenetary practical Media literacy. The curriculum imparts Insight into cultural, technological, historical and institutional aspects of different media. One of the main aspects is the Intersection/Interaction between aesthetic and socio-political functions of media.

Alrtough he majorities of lectures and seminars are taught in german, with few exceptions in english; many lecturers include a lot of english literature and texts into their courses.

The bachelor’s programme should ideally take six semesters (including the BA thesis and exams). A bachelor’s degree is a double major with two main subjects of equal value (here you will find subjects that can be combined with media studies as well as courses in the mandatory elective module). The subject-specific guidelines stipulate that a total of 180 credit points are required in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

M.A. Media Studies

The Master of arts in Media Studies at the university of Bochum teaches cultural and sociological approaches and responds to the diverse challenges that come with a society whose knowledge is shaped by media.

It offers an education in the following teaching- and research fields: Media history and Media theory, Media Aesthetics and Media Politics, Gender, Queer, as well as digital media.

As a Master Graduate in Media studies you will have an in-depth historical and theoretical Knowledge in all the relevant areas of Media. You will learn analytical skills through project-oriented teaching offers that will be of use for you in scientific and non-scientific contexts.

Due to it’s academic profile this Master qualifies you for leading– and research positions throughtout media- and cultural sector.

You can choose between the 1-course Master media studies or the 2-course master in combination with another course at Ruhr Univeristy of Bochum.

The Master of media studies is admission-free, which means you don’t need a specific Nummerus Clausus for enrolement. National students (that have not completed their B.A in Media Sciences at the University of Bochum) need an equivalency check to determine if the B.A. courses fit the criteria needed to start the M.A. An online application is only necessary for international students.

The prerequisite for admission to the M.A. Media Studies course is the completion of a degree in Media Studies or a comparable B.A. In the case of a 2-subject Bachelor’s course, the subject Media Studies must have a minimum of 71 CP. Further admission requirements are proof of at least 10 CP in Media History, 10 CP in Media Aesthetics and 10 CP in Media Theory as well as proof of knowledge of English (B2) and another foreign language (B2). (§4 para. 3 FSB 2020). A mandatory, certified Master’s counseling interview* is required for enrollment. For external applicants, the Master’s counseling interview only takes place after the equivalency test.

Proof of language proficiency is usually provided by the Abitur certificate, the Bachelor’s degree or a certificate of successfully completed language courses.

You can enroll for the Master’s in Media Studies in the summer and winter terms.