Seminar – Serwoorno – Media Ethics //ANMELDUNG

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Michael Serwoorno: Media Ethics 2st., Do 12-14, GABF 04/611

The entangled history and continued relationship between Europe and Africa in the area of media development and journalism has not significantly occupied us. At the root of journalism lies the ethics that guides the profession especially the codified ethics. Even though Africa and Europe differ significantly across countries within their individual continents, they interestingly share unified commonalities and differences when it comes to content of journalistic codes of ethics. The aim of this course is to introduce students to media ethics, overview of journalistic codes of ethics and their relationships with the media systems, adopting bodies and “wording” of the codes. The seminar deals with the journalistic codes of Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, the Nederland, England and Germany. What principles seem pronounced across the selected codes and what differences exist within different regions? These questions are fundamental to the seminar especially because it deals with comparisons that in a way demonstrate differences in media system across the world.
This semi-block seminar shall be delivered in English language. For the first 5 weeks (10hrs), students shall be introduced to the subject matter through a combination of frontal instructions and discussions. The students will then form two groups to deliver their analysis of the codes in three blocked lectures (over weekend).

Christian Heinke