Medien|Denken – Joey Carducci – 16mm Film as a Material and Theoretical Trans Form

27.06.23 | JOEY CARDUCCI (New York)

16mm Film as a Material and Theoretical Trans Form


Inspired by the material of analog film, the experimental filmmaking process, and a determination to survive, Joey Carducci uses stills from A Video Letter to Barbara Hammer to frame the visible cuts, sutures, scars and alternative chemistries of 16mm experimental filmmaking as the trans narrative and the trans aesthetic. As a visual, trans form, analog film is in a constant state of transition, an eternal coming out process, exposing its trans skin without apology.

Biographical Note

Joey Carducci’s handmade films expose the materiality and the process of queer experimental 16mm filmmaking to create awareness and resistance in content and form. His films have screened internationally in festivals and museums, and his collaboration with Barbara Hammer, Generations (2010), won the Berlinale Teddy Award for Best Short Film. For the past six years, he has been co-curating an ongoing trans film series at Anthology Film Archives, The Cinema of Gender Transgression. As a surviving 16mm filmmaker in 2023, 100 years after the birth of 16mm film, Joey is certain film is not dead yet — it is in the hands of the artists.

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