bkm – Alexander Galloway – Prolegomena für ein zukünftiges Schreiben über Digitalität und Philosophie

Am kommenden Mittwoch (9. Mai, 18 Uhr, GABF 04/611) wird Alexander R. Galloway aus New York zu Gast im bkm sein und »1o Theses on the Digital« präsentieren.

Despite being the object of much discussion these days, the digital (or “digitality,” the regime of the digital) does not often appear in the writings of philosophers, except perhaps when it arrives unwittingly under the aegis of another name. The world of business consultancy has accepted it, as has the popular and folk culture, consumer society, telecommunications, medicine, the arts, and of course the spheres of
industrial engineering and information processing (where it plays a special role). But is there an ontology of the digital, or even a philosophy of it? The goal of this lecture is not so much to answer such questions, but to draw up a map for what is necessary to answer them, something like a prolegomenon for future writing on digitality and philosophy. The goal, then, is not so much to describe a “philosophy of the digital” or even a “digitization of philosophy”–the former achieving, at best, a kind of formalist checklist prescribing grammars and behaviors for new media objects, and the latter enlisting and promoting new methods for “doing” philosophy, be they online, distributed, or disestablishmentarian (of the discipline of philosophy)–not so much these things, as an exploration in which digitality and philosophy are addressed together, as two modal conditions, both in parallel as they diverge and differentiate themselves, but also in series and concurrently as they merge and intermediate. So this intervention will, if it is successful, pay attention to the conceptual requirements of the digital, and by contrast the analogue, and the strictures and affordances it grants to philosophy, without trying to reduce one to the other.

Am Donnerstag (10. Mai, 10-13 Uhr, GA 1/138) wird Galloway ausserdem einen bkm-Workshop halten zu: »The Cybernetic Hypothesis«.
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Christian Heinke