Zusätzliches Lehrangebot in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit: Introduction to moving image analysis (Vignold)

In der vorlesungsfreien Zeit bietet Peter Vignold ein englischsprachiges B.A.-Blockseminar zur Bewegtbildanalyse an. Das Seminarangebot richtet sich insbesondere an Studierende, die noch nicht auf den Campus zurückkehren konnten. Es gibt noch freie Plätze! Die Anmeldung erfolgt über eCampus.

051732 Introduction to moving image analysis (Blockseminar in englischer Sprache, online)

Film und audiovisuelle Medien / Digitale Transformationsprozesse

Medien, Gender u. Queer / Medienästhetik und Medientechnik

01.08., 16-18 Uhr

19.–23.09., 10-18 Uhr

The analysis of moving images and audiovisual material from different sources is one of the most basic tasks media scholars return to frequently. As much as the questions being asked along the research material may differ, it is nevertheless essential to have access to specific analytical and methodological toolsets to provide the terminology and means necessary to meaningfully engage with moving images. This weeklong seminar will provide one such toolset along the lines of the aesthetic configuration of what David Bordwell calls the Hollywood Style which is still understood as paradigmatic in terms of the aestheticization of audiovisual narratives. Following a theoretical discussion of different approaches to studying moving images we will focus on Neoformalism as a starting point for our own endeavours. Throughout the seminar we will work hands-on with material from different sources ranging from TV commercials to music videos to TikToks before engaging in in-depth close readings of feature-length motion pictures. Throughout the seminar we will immerse in various individual and group work exercises to learn not only how to meaningfully transcribe moving images and motion pictures but foremost how to ask productive questions that will lead to meaningful answers. We will also have the opportunity to talk to industry professionals to understand their perspective on the production of the media that we end up analyzing.

Optional reading:

Bordwell, David/Thompson, Kristin (2019): Film Art: An Introduction. 12th Edition. New York, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill.